Stan Buddenbohm's SO Lit'l Sweep Kit Package
An AMA Glider Original Article

Many times Regional, State, and Multi-State Champion The S/O Lit'l Sweep is a version of the original Lit'l Sweep. It is designed to fly in gym size buildings, and to meet the current Science Olympiad rules. Each "Kit Package" contains parts for two models, scrap balsa for practice gluing, one appropriate size launcher, one plan, one instruction sheet, and fine sandpaper. All you need to get in the air is some glue!

Please keep in mind that I am not a business, just an enthusiast. I will be as quick as I can but you may need to be patient. If you need a receipt you better let me know.

Click here for Stan's 2014 catalog.

Stan Buddenbohm
PO Box 1677
Boulevard, CA 91905

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