SO Lit'Sweep Detailed Building Instructions
By Kurt Krempetz


I received two SO Lit’Sweep kits from Stan Buddenbohm. Stan is selling these kits and they can be obtained from him at:
PO Box 1677
Boulevard, Ca, 91905

If you're interested in Science Olympiad Elastic Launch Gliders or just interested in starting to build and fly indoor catapult gliders, I highly recommend this kit. The model is designed for the current SO Elastic Launch rules. The model is intended to fly indoors where the building height is about 30 to 40ft high. This model can be flown outside on days when the winds are calm, less than a few mph. Below are my step by step instructions on how to construct this kit. This might not be the best way to construct this kit and is not the only way to construct this kit. The intent of this document is to give you a starting point or an example on one way to assembly the kit.

This article is dedicated to my father, Kenny Krempetz who passed away a few years ago and taught me how to build model airplanes.

Supplies & Tools Needed

Here is a list of supplies I suggest you should obtain to assemble this kit.

  1. Pen
  2. Straight Edge
  3. Scissors
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Double Sided Tape
  6. CA Glue
  7. CA Accelerator or Something Called Kickstarter
  8. CA Debonder - This is a safety component, to un-glue fingers, etc.
  9. Flat Board- I use a sheet of glass from an old window 12”x18”x1/4”dimension are not really important just need something that is close to these numbers
  10. Block of Balsa 2”x 4” x1” dimensions are not really important just need something that is close to these numbers and smaller than the sandpaper supplied in the kit.
  11. 1" x 1/4" x 36" Strip of Balsa
  12. Coarse Sandpaper Block
  13. Small Wood Saw

Most of these supplies can be obtained at a local hobby shop and /or local hardware store.


I decide to try videoing as a way to show how to build this kit. Please enjoy the selections available below!

Part 1: Introduction & Supplies

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Part 2: Sanding Block and Fixture

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Part 3: Fuselage and Nose Hook Assembly

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Part 4: Rudder and Wing Pylon Assembly

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Part 5: Wing Assembly

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Part 6: Elevator and Final Assembly

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Part 7: Second Model Assembly.

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