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The Slow-Cat is a Category II national record holder. Created by Kurt Krempetz. Based on the Slow Poker, designed by Stan Buddenbohm.

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The Slow-Cat
By Kurt Krempetz

The Slow-Cat has set a new US national record on 4/22/06 in the Kent State Ohio Field house in the Open age class. The time was 1minute 59.6 seconds for a two flight total. The building in which the record was set is a perfect category 2 site for gliders. The ceiling is very close to the Category 2 limits and the floor space is huge. The building houses a football field and there is a full size track around the football field. It is a great place to fly in. The air was good. The outside temperature was around the mid 60’s and it was raining off and on. Inside the temperature was around 72 degrees. Jim Buxton set a HLG US national record the same day.

The Slow-Cat is based off the famous Slowpoker designed by Stan Buddenbohm. The Slowpoker holds the Category I HLG US national record. The Slow-Cat has the following differences from the Slowpoker. First and most obvious, a hook was added on the front of the model so it can be catapulted. Also the wing was made stronger to take the higher speed launches. This was accomplished by the putting more carbon fiber on the wing. The fuse moments were change some to optimize things for catapult launching. Also the fuse was constructed with carbon fiber on the top and bottom rather than on the sides. Placing the carbon fiber on the top and bottom gives you a stronger yet lighter fuse.

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